About Us

Nepal is a land of ethnic diversity. More than 125 recorded ethnic groups live in Nepal. All these ethnic groups have their distinct customs, traditions and cuisines.

Himalayan cuisine is influenced culturally by Tibetan and closely related ethnic groups in the Himalaya and Trans-Himalaya.

We started our journey with a food truck in 2017. After a year of constant move around and educating people, we were greatly delighted with the responses that we were getting. In the middle of 2018 we decided to take some break in between to see how we would be able to transform our success from the food truck to our long time dream of opening up a restaurant. After a year and half of planning and simalataneously working on the relaunch of the food truck, we are currently opening our dream space here is Saratoga as the first ever The Momo Grill Restaurant.

Although Nepalese food has similarities with Indian food in terms of some of the spices used (i.e. cumin and coriander) and similarities with Chinese food in terms of some of its ingredients (i.e. bamboo shoots), as a cuisine, it really is unique enough to stand on its own.

Nepalese dumplings, mo mo,which we specialize in are usually filled with steamed vegetables or meat and encased in flour-based dough that is then steamed or fried. Commonly eaten as snacks, momo are served with a delicious dip that can be strong and spicy.

We only use the freshest of ingredients and high quality halal meats in our recipes. Imported directly from the homeland our spices are filled with the aromas of Nepal which will make anyone feel close to the land. The desire to bring home into the foreign land is what greatly motivates us to do what we do day in and day out.