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Welcome to Momo Grill Truck

Nepal is a land of ethnic diversity. More than 125 recorded ethnic groups live in Nepal. All these ethnic groups have their distinct customs, traditions and cuisines.



Momo grill special

Veg Momo.

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Veg Chow Mein

Pan fried noodles with seasonal vegetables and slowly grilled seasonal veggies.

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Veggie Fried Rice

Pan fried premium Basmati rice mixed with seasonal veggies and imported Himalayan Spices.

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What They Think About Us

We only use the freshest of ingredients and high quality halal meats in our recipes. Imported directly from the homeland our spices are filled with the aromas of Nepal which will make anyone feel close to the land. The desire to bring home into the foreign land is what greatly motivates us to do what we do day in and day out..